Chapters All Day Dining, SE3

chapters Chapters All Day Dining, SE3Whilst the tools of the modern chef have become almost surgical in their precision and intricacy, it’s often the more rustic methods that still continue to provide the most satisfying plates of food.  Case in point was my recent meal at Chapters All Day Dining where their use of a Josper Oven delivered one of the most delicious dishes I’ve ever eaten. 


For those who don’t know (most of us!), the Josper is a charcoal oven which came to existence by trying to contain the fumes from an open charcoal barbecue. The result is an enclosed barbecue which acted as an oven as well.  Meats cooked in the oven have all of the aromas of something that has been barbequed whilst providing the consistency of something that has been carefully cooked in a regular oven. 


Located overlooking Blackheath Common, Chapters is open from breakfast through to dinner and offers a diverse menu which welcomes those wanting a quick bite or a full-on three course meal.  Which takes us nicely onto our meal.  Baked scallops & Chorizo provided a sublime marriage of sweet and spicy flavours, whilst the delicious Honey roasted quail with apple & hazelnut salad couldn’t have flown into my belly any faster if the bird was still alive. 


However, it was the mains where the meal really came into its own.  Miss Pancake’s dish of the juiciest and most flavoursome Roasted lamb rump with caramelised fennel & rich pommery mustard mash was quite frankly one of the finest plates of food you are likely to find anywhere; my only problem is that this dish is only a special and not on the regular menu.  Almost as good was the Fillet steak which was robust in texture but was effortless to cut through.  My side of Grilled Portobello mushrooms are a must too, although the Onion rings are probably best left alone. Desserts were also impressive, including a Raspberry & almond tart and a warm Chocolate brownie sundae which could bring the big kid out of anyone!


Almost as impressive as the food is the value.  Starters are around the £5 mark and there are near enough a dozen mains which come in at under £12.50; for food of this quality, I can’t think of many that come near. Simply outstanding.


Food: 4.5/5

Venue: 4/5

Value: 4/5


Cuisine type: British

Dinner for two (excluding drinks):  £50

Wine: £6


Chapters All Day Dining

43-45 Montpelier Vale

Blackheath Village

London SE3 0TJ

Tel: 020 8333 2666

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