Mens Tea @ The Mandeville, W1

menstea Mens Tea @ The Mandeville, W1Afternoon Tea is traditionally seen as an activity enjoyed by the fairer sex, but this could be about to change.  The Mandeville has turned this idea on its head with the Men’s Afternoon Tea – a sophisticated yet manly affair, providing a unique and fun way to partake in some serious male bonding!


Head into the hotel’s lounge and you will be met by a stylish men’s club style room, with comfy armchairs and manly white and black décor, with smatterings of vibrant colour.   Afternoon Tea options include the classic style and a seriously tempting chocolate version, although it’s the Men’s Tea which we were here to try.


The menu includes your choice of tea but also provides the optional addition of a glass of Scotch to add a few hairs on your chest.  We obligingly took this option as we got ourselves comfy for what turned out to be a long Friday afternoon.   With bellies rumbling and big appetites at the ready, the trays of food arrived and we were seriously impressed.  Some of the finest roasted sirloin sandwiches around, potted shrimps with gentlemens relish, double chocolate brownies, bourbon laced fruit cake and the obligatory raisin scones with cream & jam were just some of the delights to be had.  Being the start of the weekend, we decided to have a glance at their extensive whisky list and ended up drinking our way through much of Scotland’s finest in addition to the glass which came with our Tea. 


To add a bit of manly competitive spirit to the occasion, they also have a selection of games available at the bar.  Everything from poker and chess to a traditional backgammon set can be found, all adding to the experience. 


If you’re after a venue to start a boy’s night out or require somewhere different to meet with clients, the Mandeville Hotel provides a stylish haven in the heart of the Capital for the modern male Londoner.  The pricing is also reasonable, with the Afternoon Tea with Whisky costing £31 – about the price of a decent lunch.  I think the most telling thing about our visit was that we ended up spending 4 hours at the Mandeville, and only left because of prior engagements elsewhere!


Food: 4/5

Venue: 4/5

Value: 3.5/5


Cuisine: Afternoon Tea

Pricing: £23.50/head or £31 with a glass of whisky


The Mandeville Hotel

Mandeville Place


Tel: 0207 935 5599