Comptoir Libanaise, W1 & W12

comptoir libweb Comptoir Libanaise, W1 & W12You’re on your way home from a long day of work or shopping in the city and craving a great meal.  Your conscience says it’s got to be pretty healthy, whilst your grumbly belly and tired body demand something quick and calm surroundings, all without breaking the bank.  Sounds difficult, but it’s not entirely impossible. Take a wander down Wigmore Street and you will find the answer to your prayers in the shape Comptoir Libanaise.


This new Lebanese canteen has a colourful Middle Eastern feel and is a welcoming place to be, not just for diners but for their wine too; the drinks list is alcohol-free, but they are more than happy for you to bring your own.  The front part of the venue serves as a deli, with all sorts of Lebanese and Middle Eastern delicacies as well as a very inviting food desk displaying the different meals and take-away options.  Having a very large selection of starters, main dishes and desserts, as well as traditional Lebanese juices and lemonades, Comptoir offers the full Lebanese experience.  


As for what to order, one Mezze Platter together with the Tabbuleh works as a great starter for two. As a main the Lamb Kofta Tagine with rice is an exquisite experience and even better is the Chicken Tagine with couscous. We also had the prawn Falafel, which I will be honest, was not worth ordering – my advice, just stick to the original Falafel. For dessert we had an amazing frozen yoghurt (worth passing by the deli to get to-go) with a delicious date sauce – yummy! We also had the macaroons, which were incredibly sweet but incredibly good too!  All this including two of their divine lemonades (have the apple, mint & ginger – it is heavenly) will cost you a mere £30.   


Comptoir provides an accessible and quality insight into the world of Lebanese food and has certainly become one of my favourites, if only for a fast take-away from the deli!


Food: 4/5

Venue: 4/5

Value: 5/5


Cuisine: Lebanese

Meal for two (excluding drinks): £26

Alcohol: Bring your own

Fresh lemonade: £1.50



Comptoir Libanaise

65 Wigmore St




And also


The Balcony

Westfield Shopping Centre

W12 7GE


Linda Andersen Gaisie

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