Sherlocks Bar & Grill, W1

sherlocks 150x140 Sherlocks Bar & Grill, W1I find it peculiar how the most random products are associated with the most random brands.  Need some new pants, but with added Spice Girl pulling ability?  That’ll be the David Beckham underwear range, sir.  Or perhaps you want to show the gardening world your love of Tottenham Hotspurs.  A garden gnome dressed in the Spurs football kit should do the job (this is actually real – I bought one for my cousin!).  The point is that this whole brand licensing thing has got to the point where it’s now apparently impossible to sell anything without the endorsement of a well recognised brand or personality.   


I recently visited Sherlock’s Bar & Grill, a restaurant housed in the Sherlock Holmes Hotel, with the only apparent link to the great sleuth being its Baker Street location.  It’s quite a straightforward hotel restaurant affair, with the modern and comfortable dining room housed next to a lively bar.


The Modern European menu largely focuses on the kitchen’s charcoal grill and mesquite wood-burning oven.  Our starters included a rich Duck foie gras parfait, spicy Apple compote with warm brioche and Cornish crab with avocado & a strangely overdone tasting scallops ceviche.  For mains, my Roast duck breast with braised red cabbage was well cooked but lacked the big flavour hit I expected of the dish; Bongo Dan also wasn’t thrilled with his overcooked Grilled monkfish although the accompanying tiger prawns were plump and tasty.  He was, however, plenty happy with his Berry compote and lemon grass crumble, which he wolfed down pretty much as soon as it arrived!


Food: 2.5/5

Venue: 2.5/5

Value: 2/5


Cuisine: Modern European

Dinner for 2: £70

Wine: £4.50


Sherlock’s Bar & Grill

Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes

108 Baker Street

London, W1U 6LJ

Tel: 020 7486 6161 

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