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The British diet is often highlighted as being amongst the unhealthiest in the world.   Whilst wepasha 150x150 Pasha, N1 sign our gym memberships with one hand, we scoff our burgers and chips with the other.  The problem is that we have an uncanny ability to turn even the healthiest dishes into fat loaded junk.  Chuck on some ketchup for our daily fruit & veg intake and we think we’ve got a balanced meal!  Take the common kebab.  Grilled meat, salad and bread; potentially, it is nourishing and well balanced, but in the hands of a Brit it becomes a violent weapon against our hearts and our waistlines!


Our recent visit to Pasha showed how Turkish cuisine can be properly tasty and satisfying without requiring a visit to A & E on the way home.  The family run business has been going for 30 years and it’s a surprise that others haven’t cottoned on to their simple yet effective formula.  Encouragingly, the contemporary venue was heaving with a lively crowd on the Friday evening we visited, even though the rest of Upper Street appeared ominously quiet. 


The menu interweaves traditional Turkish recipes with modern twists and provides everything from traditional meze to grilled meats and fish.  Our excellent starters included lightly fried Spinach & feta borek (filo pastry parcels filled with spinach and feta cheese) and Mediterranean prawns in a white wine, garlic & parsley butter.  For mains, my perfectly grilled Lamb shoulder was wonderfully moist and featured a delicious oregano, onion and tomato sauce; the Iskender shish was a similarly good dish of grilled chicken with a tomato, yogurt and chilli sauce.  Most surprisingly, even dessert was good.  We shared the home-made Turkish Dessert Plate and let me tell you, it featured the freshest, tastiest baklava I have had in this country. 


As you would expect, portions were generous and it was superb value.  Throw in the warm, embracing hospitality that only proper family run restaurants can provide and it’s not difficult to see why this restaurant has found such a strong following. 


Food: 4/5

Venue: 3/5

Value: 4/5


Cuisine type – Turkish

Dinner for 2 (ex. drinks) – £42

Beer – £3

Wine – £4


Pasha Restaurant

301 Upper Street

N1 2TU

020 7226 1454

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