Kanteen, W14

kanteen 150x127 Kanteen, W14One of life’s great frustrations is that the nicer something tastes the unhealthier it’s likely to be.  Diets gurus can preach until the cows come home about how tasty fresh fruit, boiled chicken and steamed vegetables are but there really is no substitute for a good knob of butter or a creamy sauce to turn aforementioned ingredients into something truly enjoyable.  However, with the launch of its ‘Saints & Sinners’ menu, ultra-chic Kanteen could be the answer for those after something a little healthier from their dining experience. 


The menu is distinctly split into two, with one side offering healthy ‘Saints’ options whilst the ‘Sinners’ dishes are distinctly naughtier. With the Westfield shopping Mecca just around the corner, this new menu concept is probably ideal for hungry fashionistas who want to eat without fear of popping out of their skinny jeans.  However, those on a liquid diet may just want to stay in the bar and work their way through some decent wines and cocktails!


So onto the food, and despite my best (or worst!) intentions I somehow naturally gravitated towards dishes on the healthier menu, whilst Dirty Perry went for the Sinner side.  The Fried chicken dumplings with teriyaki sauce was light & tasty, whilst my Crayfish & salmon timbale was quite possibly the healthiest dish I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant.  Chunks of crayfish and salmon were moulded into a kind of jelly and whilst the end result was too clean to deliver any real flavour, the accompanying onion chutney was pleasantly punchy.  For mains, my Poached chicken fillet stuffed with spinach, mushrooms & a red wine reduction was perfectly cooked to retain all of the flavours and left me feeling genuinely satisfied with my meal.  Dirty Perry was similarly impressed with his Braised pork belly with sweet potato mash, bok choi and a Chinese spices glaze.  Our side portion of chips was also notably good.  We both went Sinner for our dessert by ordering a lovely Sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch crunch ice cream; providing a generous jug of toffee sauce to pour over the cake was also a nice touch!


Overall, we were both impressed by the meal.  Chef Sylvan Chevereau takes a really sensible approach to healthy eating and shows that there is plenty of appeal and satisfaction to be had without compromising on flavour.  With starters at around £6 and mains around £13, the restaurant also provided decent value. 


Food: 3.5/5

Venue: 3.5/5

Value: 3.5/5


Cuisine type: Modern Euro

Meal for 2 (excluding drinks): £50

Wine: £4.50

Cocktails: £8



K West Hotel & Spa

Richmond Way

London W14 0AX

Tel: 020 8008 6600