High Timber, EC4

Picture the scene: I’m sitting at a table with five lovely ladies at a steakhouse and the waiter brings out 6 large steaks.  Each is of ahightimberweb High Timber, EC4 different cut and style so that we can compare the different varieties.  So there they are, sitting there, all glistening and juicy and all that’s left is for us to eat them.  Moreover, being the only guy on the table, there’s probably going to be a lot of meat left for me.  Except that this was during a time in my life when I’d given up eating beef;  instead I ended up with fish whilst the ladies ooh’d and aah’d their way through the demonically tempting meat.  However, soon after this event, I decided to rejoin the dark side and thus, here I am telling you about my steak-fest at High Timber!


The restaurant is the result of a partnership between South African wine producer Jordan Wine Estate and Neleen Strauss of renowned City restaurant Vivat Bacchus.   Situated overlooking the Thames, the restaurant provides a suitably light and relaxed environment in which to undertake some serious eating.  Guests can also expect great wine from their temperature & humidity controlled cellars, where customers are welcomed to view and choose from the well priced and predominately South African selection. 


The main focus of the menu is the cow, although there are plenty of other options too.  We both decided on light seafood starters; Roasted scallops were plump, full of flavour and well matched with the salty sweetcure bacon & basil cress apple salsa, whilst the Smoked salmon was as fresh as you like.  At the business of end the meal, High Timber has eschewed the trend of chasing down cows from around the world, and sourced the meat from renowned Farmer Sharp in Cumbria.   Following his predictable concerns over quantity, Fat Bloke decided on the 350g Rump whilst I went for a 350g medium-rare Rib Eye.  Both were cooked to perfection, beautifully tender and in particular, my Rib Eye had a delicious hint of sweetness normally reserved for American corn-fed cattle. Stunning.  In keeping with prices charged in most quality steak houses, both dishes were £27 (although smaller cuts start at £19), but this also included a large braised mushroom, juicy vine tomatoes, onion rings, chips and watercress. The only blotch was a woefully underwhelming peppercorn sauce, but conversely, I don’t think I can ever eat another steak again without their deliciously decadent Black Perigord Truffle Butter.  My main was perfectly partnered with a light and easy Merlot whilst Fat Bloke’s Shiraz was equally well suited. 


We thought we’d end our meal with delicious desserts of a rich Chocolate tart with a palette cleansing blood orange ice cream and a fruity Fruit terrine.  However, we were later informed of a ‘cheese room’ and ended up finishing the meal with a plate-full of lovely cheeses and a couple of glasses of port!


Food: 4/5

Venue: 4/5

Value: 4/5


Cuisine type: Meat

Meal for 2 (excluding drinks): £70

Wine: £6


High Timber

8 High Timber Street

London EC4V 3PA

Tel: 0207 248 1777


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