Eagle Bar & Diner, W1

Believe it or not, until about 8 months prior to my visit to Eagle, I had actually given upeagle 150x150 Eagle Bar & Diner, W1 eating beef for about 15 years!  However, a trip to Sicily saw my resistance finally crumble.  After days of eating fish, I was desperate for meat; my only option was a veil dish which happened to be one of the finest meals I have ever eaten.  Conversion complete!  Now, I really can’t believe how much I missed eating a good burger.  My recent visit to Eagle Bar Diner proved that there’s something about a good burger that hits spots that other food simply can’t come near.


Eagle is an American style diner, with plenty of large booths and hyperactive staff.  By day, it’s an archetypal laid-back burger joint, whilst the evening sees a more up-tempo feel, with some great cocktails and a lively atmosphere.   The bar also serves up some thick, rich milkshakes and stocks a range of imported American beers. 


The menu features popular US dishes, such as ribs, jambalaya and steaks.  They even do all-day breakfasts and pancakes; Dirty Perry blueberry pancakes were light and fruity, but disappointingly didn’t come ‘mile-high’ stacked as one would expect in a real American joint.   But let’s get one thing straight – this place is all about the burgers.  Diners can have everything from a classic beef burger to more interesting meats such as kangaroo and British organic veal.  My 8oz ground rump burger with extra bacon, mushroom and Monterey Jack cheese was big, juicy, tasty and quite simply heaven in a bun.   A couple of repeat visits definitely confirm that this place knows its burgers.  My accompanying onion rings were also some of the finest around.  Word to the wise though – the infinite options are all at additional cost so, as I do, you can easily end up with a £10 burger.  However, the sense of satisfaction you get from the burger afterwards makes it all worth it! 


Food: 4/5 (for the burgers)

Venue: 3/5

Value: 4/5


Cuisine type: American/Burgers

Dinner for 2: £24 (burger and a side)

Cocktails: £7.50

Beer: £3.50


Eagle Bar Diner

3-5 Rathbone Place

London W1T 1HJ

Tel: 0207 637 1418


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