Big Easy, SW3

bigeasyweb Big Easy, SW3There is only one word for The Big Easy – ‘Institution’.  Step inside and you’ll be transported to the Southern American states before you have a chance to say ‘Gumbo’ – my only gripe since I have been visiting is that Daisy Duke hasn’t walked in yet!


It’s not too often that quality and quantity work together, but this place has won awards for its food, whilst great live music every night makes it one of London’s most unique experiences.  The menu features everything from delicious steaks and hickory-smoked chicken and ribs, to mouth watering jumbo shrimp and Alaskan crab, all Bar-B-Qd to “yee-haa” perfection.  And don’t even think about starters without ordering the Voodoo chicken wings. 


If you genuinely have room for desert, look no further than the home-made waffles (although if ordering the chocolate, tell them to hold-back on the maple syrup) or the baked cheesecake that looks and tastes like something from an episode of Friends.


The venue is cool & relaxed all the way; from big screen TV’s showing the latest American sports to the checkerboard tables and overhanging pool hall lights. 


So go down with your friends, family, or even your cab driver! Just bring someone and revel in a great dining experience!


Food: 4

Venue: 4

Value: 4


Dinner for 2 (excluding drinks): £50

Cocktails: £7

Beers: £4


Big Easy Bar.B.Q and Crabshack

332-334 Kings Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 5UR

Tel: 020 7352 4071


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